Air Lift AS Sleeve - Short 9.10in Compressed 12.33in Extended (Excl Mounts/Bushings - Shocks Only)

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Whether you have a custom chassis or hot rod, Air Lift Performance has the solution to your air suspension needs. Our SlamAir shocks are designed to mount in place of the coil springs and shocks to give you the ground hugging stance you are looking for while retaining driveability. Our double bellow style SlamAir shocks are normally used in the front of a vehicle in order to support the weight. While the sleeve style SlamAir shocks can be found in the rear to ensure the best possible ride quality. Along with the ability to adjust height, these twin tube shocks also have 9 different damping settings to fine tune the ride comfort and handling performance to your personal taste. With four different lengths and multiple end mounting options, Air Lift Peformance SlamAir shocks can be tailored to fit almost any application! Features Sleeve Style Air Spring 9-way adjustable damping Compressed Length: 9.35 / 9.01 Extended Length: 12.33 / 11.99 Finish: Black Powdercoat Total Stroke: 2.58 Load Capacity: 940 lbs. @ 100 PSI Designed Ride Height: 10.5 – 11.0
Air Over Shock Bolt In Coil Over Replacement; AOS Sleeve; Short; 9.10 in. Compressed; 12.33 in. Extended;