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Brand: Southwest Speed

Color: White


  • Precision balanced, lightweight steel shafts are in stock & ready to ship
  • Your choice of any length from 27" to 62 1/2" long, in 1/2" increments
  • These lengths are measured center of u-joint cup to center of u-joint cup (2nd picture above), but we also have a way to measure them without having a current shaft.
  • Includes new 27 spline yoke and 1310 series u-joints. Other yokes & conversion u-joints are available. Just ask before ordering for the price difference.
  • These driveshafts have been used for years by some of the best race car & street rod builders in the country

Publisher: Southwest Speed

Details: Southwest Speed refers to these drive shafts as the '2 1/2" Outside Diameter' series of drive shafts; as they've continued to make them longer, they've begun using larger diameter tubing on some of those longer shafts; At 50", they step up to 2 3/4", At 58", they step up to 3", At 60 1/2", they step up to 3 1/2". All have .065" wall DOM tubing. Includes New 27 spline transmission yoke. This yoke will fit any transmission with a 27 spline output shaft, including GM Powerglide, Muncie 4 speed, Saginaw 3 and 4 speed, Borg Warner T-4, Borg Warner GM T-5, GM T-350, GM TH-350, GM T-56, 700R, 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4LL0E, 200 Metric, Brinn, Bert, Falcon.. Both front and rear new u-joints, which are 1 1/16" diameter cups (Measurement C img 4 shown) by 3 7/32" wide (Measurement B). On the rear of the driveshaft, these shafts will fit the 1310 rear end (or pinion) yoke. If you aren't sure if this is the yoke you have, the easiest way to make sure is measure to see if the 1 1/16" x 3 7/32" u-joint will fit it. 2 Different Ways to Measure for the Length Measuring your old driveshaft if it is available is the easiest way. Measure from the center of the u-joint cup to the center of the u-joint cup Using this measurement, we have every length from 27" to 62 1/2". If your old drive shaft isn't available or this shaft will be installed in a new car, you can use this method. "A" - Measure from the rear of the tail housing on your transmission to the front of the rear end (or pinion) yoke. This measurement needs to be taken with the car at "ride height"; you cannot get a proper measurement with the car jacked up in any way. If you use this method to determine the length, just make sure to let us know at checkout that "the A dimension is ___". Using this measurement, we have every length from 29" to 65 1/2" in stock.