Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit and Lower Control Arm Replacement Bushings (2 pcs.)

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Skunk2s redesigned, low-deflection, polyurethane bushings are available separately and are compatible with all Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms and Rear Camber Kits. Important: Purchase includes two bushing halves. Each Rear Lower Control Arm and Rear Camber Kit mounting point requires two bushing halves. Genuine Skunk2 polyurethane bushings act as bearings for quicker response and a more positive feel when compared to other manufacturers bushings. Tearing and unseating problems normally associated with other fixed rubber bushings are eliminated by allowing the arm to rotate freely about the bushings. Fewer grooves within the inner diameter as well as special, radius-cut backsides help them last longer and avoid tearing and unseating. Thanks to the new design, bushing failures have been eliminated.
Camber Kit Bushing Set; For Lower Control Arm Or Camber Kit; One Mounting/Connection Point w/Two Bushing Halves; Polyurethane; Black;