Speedway Motors New 9 Inch Nodular Iron Carrier Housing, 3.062 Inch Caps

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Brand: Speedway Motors


  • Fits both OEM and aftermarket Ford 9 inch axle housings
  • Nodular iron material withstands higher shock loads & is more resistant to fatigue than gray iron castings
  • Housing is reinforced in many areas (extra ribbing, thicker bulkheads, bearing support webbing)
  • Use 3.062” O.D. carrier bearing (factory Ford “big bearing” carrier)
  • Works with 28, 31 or 33-spline axle shafts (with proper bearing)

Publisher: Speedway Motors

Details: Bulletproof Foundation for Your Fits Ford 9 Inch Build Start your 9 Inch axle build with a strong foundation. Our all-new, redesigned Fits Ford 9 Inch center sections are stronger than factory Fits Ford carriers and fit into most Fits Ford 9 Inch axle housings (car/truck/van). Standard 3.062” differential carrier bearings fit this center section, allowing the use of 28, 31 or 33-spline axle shafts. When it comes to strength, versatility and ease-of-service, the Fits Ford 9 Inch is unmatched. The front-loaded third member (“pumpkin”) is easily removed for gear changes or service. Fits Ford took a good design and improved it to handle the demands of NASCAR and NHRA drag racing in the 1960’s by introducing carriers made of nodular (ductile) iron. These “N” cases offered more strength than traditional “gray” iron and withstood higher shock loads delivered by the new, high-horsepower engines – with less gear deflection and less chance of failure. The N case was the choice of Fits Ford’s HiPo offerings like 406 Galaxies, 427 Fairlanes, “Drag Pack” 428 Cobra Jets, and Boss 429 Mustangs. NEW, Redesigned and Reinforced Nodular Iron Housing While original Fits Ford N cases are still great, they’re getting hard to find. Ordinary Fits Ford carriers, such as casting C7AW-E shown on this page, are made from grey cast iron which is brittle. This makes them more likely to crack and subsequently fail when subjected to high loads. We’ve put decades of experience to work, correcting these deficiencies in this popular axle platform. In fact, our carrier has already been proven on both dirt and asphalt tracks across America. Our Fits Ford 9 Inch carrier is a NEW casting with over 4 lbs. of material added in critical areas. Extra ribbing reinforces the case and rearmost pinion support (pilot bearing). Thick, forged steel bearing caps surround the carrier bearings, all securely held in place with Grade 8 cap screws