Yukon Gear Hardcore Locking Hub Set For Dana 60 / 30 Spline. 99-04 Ford

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Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs feature Chromoly internals and all steel construction for ultimate durability & strength. These hubs won't disengage under high torque applications and default to the locked position in use. Engagement comes from just a 1/3 turn of the all-steel, low-profile bezel. Yukon Hardcore locking hubs are not only great looking, but features a low-profile design to minimize impact with obstacles, as well as a proprietary coating on the locking gears for decreased friction & long life.
Fits Dana 60 with 30 spline outer stubs in '99-'04 Ford. Features all steel construction and low profile bezel. 1/3 turn to engage and disengage. Defaults to lock.