Verified Brands

In today's day of the internet you can find all sorts of companies popping up. Some are trustworthy and some are not. How can you tell as a consumer? 

The Verified Brand Program was designed to help online shoppers make confident purchases with companies that have been thoroughly vetted. To become a Verified Brand is a big deal and not just a walk in the park.

Companies that want to participate have to firstly join as a Seller and participate in the Marketplace for a minimum of 90 Days before they are eligible to apply. During that timeframe we asses their business in a holistic approach. Monitoring their customer interactions, delivery times, quality control, reviewing their policies, and just making sure they truly care about delivering a top-notch experience to our members.

Taking these steps have helped improve relationships between Buyers and Sellers tremendously. If your business is interested in becoming a Verified Brand, contact us for more details.